Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Photo Essay

Two Bakers and a Birthday Cake

Featuring Katie and Rachel (who is five today!)

Please note - Rachel is in pj's for this entire entry...it was her birthday and she could wear whatever she wanted. : ) You will notice some wardrobe changes throughout, however.

Two little bakers all ready to get to work. They sure do look the part, don't they?


All ready for the oven...
Wardrobe change #1...realizing that she got batter on her sleeves, she insisted on getting rid of the shirt altogether. Lends a new meaning to the term Naked Chef, doesn't it?
Short break while cake baked and two little girls took a shower.
All done. And all clean. : )
Wardrobe change #2...Rachel is in her HCHS shirt for pj's now. And Katie has assumed the role of Naked Chef.
Working hard at frosting.
And waiting her turn.

Then Mom got out a second knife so they could both go at it.
Almost done...just adding the sprinkles.

Time for candles and singing!

All three ready to dig in.

So Chef, what's the verdict? Any good?
Yup, it was a delicious masterpiece fit for a five year old princess.
The End.

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